Monday, February 23, 2009

Flight, Glenferrie, Taronga Zoo, Circular Quay

Dallas just added a bunch of pictures to our flickr account, which can be accessed by clicking the link above that says "Photos on Flickr." Here are a few highlights...

First, because it amuses us, here is a picture from the plane, which was taken directly after the flight attendants had sprayed the cabin for quarantine purposes. As you can see, the man across the aisle from us was also less than thrilled:

This morning, we woke up bright and early in order to partake in the hot buffet breakfast.

Dallas tried Vegemite which, she tells me, is an Australian staple:

Here are a few pictures of the Glenferrie Lodge Property. The back yard area is where everyone eats breakfast.

After breakfast, we set out walking toward the zoo (~4 mile walk, if you do it correctly - longer if you are named Cameron and Dallas and you decide to take the wrong fork in the road). We made a friend outside of the hotel:

Australia has large spiders:

Here is the field Dallas walked across in search of a short-cut, after we figured out that we had walked about 20-30 minutes in the wrong direction:

Finally, we made it to Taronga Zoo:

Here is a view of the Harbour, as seen from the Zoo:

Next, we took the gondola down to the wharf, and then took a ferry to Circular Quay. There were an ungodly amount of Jellyfish in the Harbour:

We walked down along the Harbour and checked out the Opera House from a distance. We were too tired to climb all of the stairs.

All in all, a pretty darn fun and beautiful day! Again, there are many more pictures in our flickr gallery, so go check them out. :)

P.S. These are our wombat babies:

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  1. Oh my god they are so cute!

    Oh, and those animals look cute too.


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