Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Day 3 - Flora, (Aquatic) Fauna, and Art!

Hello everyone! Dallas here, for once, as Cameron is asleep. I just spent the last few hours editing about 90 photos, so I hope everyone appreciates it. ;)

Today we went around Sydney opal shopping, exploring gardens, checking out Darling Harbour and the Sydney Aquarium, and studying art in the Art Gallery of New South Wales.

The day started with a quick ferry-ride across the harbour:

Yes, there are still jellies in the water...I have one more photo of them on our flickr.

Here's where we bought opal stuffs:

And here's us in the Chinese Garden:

...and at the Aquarium!

We also made friends with the dugong. Look it up. :)

We also found Nemo. (And Dory and Marlin)

And now, some photos of Cameron modeling. The first one is at the art galley, and the rest are at the Royal Botanical Gardens.

The botanical gardens were actually a lot of fun!

Especially the bats.

So, go look at our flickr photos! I got some great shots of turtles, sharks, etc. :)

(Sorry the writing bits are so brief, I'm running out of internet time in a few!)


  1. Awesome photos honey! When I read dugong I accidentally read it as dewdong like the pokemon. XD

  2. my fave is the one of you in the garden!


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