Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Day 4 - Featherdale Wildlife Park

Hi everyone! So, today we took two trains and a bus to Featherdale Wildlife Park. Dallas uploaded around 72 photos we took of the experience to flickr, so make sure you check those out when you're done here. :)

Dallas and I geeked out a little on pictures of Angel stars who had visited Featherdale previously:

Inside the park, we spent some quality time with wallabies, kangaroos, koalas, and a variety of other super cute animals:

When we were done at Featherdale, we took a bus and two trains to Circular Quay to grab something to eat and visit an ATM. Then we rode the ferry back to Kirribilli, where our hotel is located.

Tomorrow, we fly to Melbourne at 6:45AM, which means we have to leave our hotel around 5. From Melbourne, we catch a flight to Auckland, NZ, where we will be for around 3 days before continuing on to Queenstown, NZ.

As for right now, Dallas and I are getting ready for bed. I am SO sleepy... been fighting off a minor cold, I think, and today was my lowest-energy day. Hoping to get a good night's sleep before tomorrow's early departure.

We are thinking of and missing you all! Thanks for reading. :)

P.S. Emus are evil.


  1. My friend went to some animal park near Sydney, i dont know specifically which one, where she got to hold a little sleeping koala!

  2. Sorry! I didn't know we could comment or I would have earlier! So, Colton and Chandler (and I) want to know what those cute little grey rodents with the bug eyes sitting on the rock were? And Colton says "oh my fuzzy..." to every cute creature you photo graph, and Chandler says "that is not a platypus mom, it's a beaver and that's the tail." have fun ladies! you both look great!

  3. We stopped at Featherdale on the way to the Blue Mountains! Did they still have the devils?

  4. To my mom: they're little wombat stuffed animals! :)

  5. Why are emus evil? I'm thinking that it is because they're jealous of not being able to fly.

  6. To my mom:

    The devils were hiding the entire time we were there. :(

  7. To Alex:

    Emus are evil because they are greedy and cannot keep their beaks to themselves. One attacked my $1 cone of kangaroo food - when it was still in my hand! Jabbing bird beaks are eek.


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