Friday, March 6, 2009

Today, we did something REALLY different...

We went to a ZOO!

Well, and we also went to the Powerhouse Museum to look at the Star Wars exhibit. Sooo, animals + nerdy outing = incredibly out of the ordinary for Dallas and Cameron. Right? OK, maybe not.

Anyway, Hi Everyone! This is going to be a brief and photo-dominant post because we need to go get ready for Madame Butterfly at the Sydney Opera house.

Today we walked down George Street and around Darling Harbour to get to the Powerhouse Museum, where they have a Star Wars Exhibit (which turned out to be the very same one Cameron saw in LA not too long ago).

After going through the Star Wars exhibit, we checked out the rest of the museum:

When we were done at the Powerhouse Museum, we headed down to Darling Harbour for lunch and then to Sydney Wildlife World to get our daily animal fix.

Currently, we are sitting in a Starbucks down the street from our hotel, because there is no WiFi in our room and the prices in the lobby are ridiculously pricey... And now, as I said, we need to go get ready for the Opera. Hope everyone is well!


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Cameron Gage and Dallas Nagata both graduated from college in December of 2008. As a reward for all their hard work in school, they decided to take a graduation trip to Australia and New Zealand from February 21st to March 8th. This blog will cover their trip with photos, journal entries, and more!


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