Monday, March 2, 2009

Swung into a canyon, and lived to tell about it!

So, the highlight of the day was me swinging into Shotover Canyon, right outside of Queenstown.

The drive up was beautiful. The landscape is simply amazing. The river running through the canyon cuts an aqua streak through the otherwise yellow and green mountains.

So, the platform is where we jump off from. Here's some photos of us getting ready. There were two guys, one from England and one from Holland, who were completely into it and one of them went three times!

And finally, the jump videos. The first video is the one shot by Cameron and I, then edited by me. The next two are my two jumps I did (Forwards-style and Elvis Cutaway-Style) which were filmed by the canyon swing company.

Cameron is canyon-swinging too!...Sort of. :)

Here is me with the guy who was responsible for putting me out there on that platform:

After leaving the canyon swing, we decided to go up the famous gondola and take in the views.

We also put on our helmets and went down the luge! I have a video of that which I'll put up later.

After the luge, we went back down the gondola and got crepes at this little stand along side the road to the gondola station. It's called Balaton Crepes and we chatted with the owner a bit. He also showed Cameron how to do the board-on-cylinder thing.

Cameron totally has an audience. :)

Finally, for a heartier meal, we ate at Hell Pizza, as recommended by Greg:

All in all, it was a very eventful day. Tomorrow is our Lord of the Rings tour, so be prepared for awesome photos!


  1. That's amazing! Their second video has very nicely timed music. :D

    I think I would totally do that, because there's a bungee chord. I used to jump off of waterfalls when I was younger.... haha. Not to steal your thunder or anything, but you might like/appreciate this video:

    now THOSE guys are crazy. yet, somewhere deep down in my psyche, I want to do that, too. XD

  2. I am really digging the picture of Dallas while hanging. Pretty amazing shot.

  3. Which of my Alexanders are you?! I can't figure it out.

  4. Love these photos! What mysterious Alexander person said is an understatement.


    The photos of you girls wearing cloaks are way hotter!

  5. I am Alarcon. or at least I think I am.

  6. That is so cool!!!!!! Cameron, why didn't you jump too? That looks like so much fun!

    More videos please! The one of you with hiccups is funny :)


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